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I LOVE BLOGGING! This is the easiest way to keep a journal I have ever found. I can look back on a certain day and find out what happened; what I was up to.
I have been painting journal pages and doing art monthly with a group of friends and put out guerrilla valentines for the holiday for others to find and make art with.
Here are the book pages I painted and then stenciled with a heart. A picture of Sainte Therese is inserted and then the whole bundle is tied up with pink, red and white string. I left the valentines around town with a tag on them to direct people to my blog where they could then "register" the valentine. One person showed up. Still waiting for me to come calling and then we can do art together. Cool idea, huh? - femminismo
p.s. Say, how do you "wrap" text around the photo?

Certainly Is Time to Post!
YES, indeedy. Time to post something here.
I've been very, very busy working with paint, words and friends. And food, too. Blueberries and apples, especially.
On Saturday I joined with friends and we traveled to Linda's house to construct Mexican shrines. At first I was drawn to the Ganesha finger puppet and thought of making an Indian shrine. But then the tile and the elephant didn't seem to go together so I went with the Mexican theme.
Why can't words be wrapped around pictures in Live Journal? Frustrating!
Indian shrine

So now I'm down here below the picture. Will this change when I "publish"? Let's see, OK?
I think I'll go back to blogger.

36 weeks since last post ... really?
I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Well, yes I can, because it's all I can do to post on my other blog.
This past Saturday I took an art class with Lark Brandt. We painted wax and watercolor paints on daphne paper, then "saved" color and part of the painting we did by coating these areas with wax.
Then India ink was painted over everything. Had to let that dry and then we ironed the painting between telephone book pages and voila! Lovely, striking paintings were revealed - along with some surprises.

So what does it take to wrap text around an image? Can't you do that in Live Journal?
Above is the image and now the text is all underlined ... since I guess it's "attached" to the image. How weird!
Here's the next image. Let's see what happens now.
Yes, the image is here and everything is still underlined and blue. This is the picture I painted and now I've let the watercolor dry and added more wax to save colored areas. Then I roll it up and crinkle it so when I paint it all with black ink it will go into the cracks and duplicate a "batik" effect..What have I done? Oh dear.

Here's the finished image. Sorry it's sideways.
Hope you like it.  - femminismo

Disloyal? Who, me?
Oh, my gosh! Live Journal has mind readers! Clairvoyants!
Here was the "draft" journal entry I could use if I chose ... and I did:

"It's true. I have been disloyal. I left LiveJournal for another blog site, one with bigger photos. I happened upon it by chance. Perhaps if I had given this blog the opportunity, and done more research, I might have found a way to post bigger photos.
However, I am happy with what I now have elsewhere.
Happy to remember this site however, and I will post a photo today.
Bye, femminismo"

I do have a blog somewhere else, but today I'll give this one another chance. I had forgotten some of the things I posted her and they bring back memories.
Let's see. What's been going on?
Well, I am still working on my monthly art journals - a new one every month for a year. I started in April 2007 and have kept going.
I'm having a lot of fun and saving lots of memories. Here is a picture of a past journal page - I hope you like it! - femminismo

Long time no write

I've been busy painting pages in my altered book/journal. I haven't been doing right by my journal here. The flowers in the garden that have come and gone are the tree peonies. All bloomed out, along with most of the tulips. However, the poppies and rhododendrons are going crazy and the clematis (new ones that popped up out of the ground from who knows where) have also gone nuts. They reach for the clouds during the days and are protected under the leafing trees. Enough sun to get them started and maybe enough shade to keep them happy around their roots this summer.
I hope all journal friends out there are well and flourishing.

Waiting for revelations
Here I am on the third day of May, adding pages to my altered journal for the month. I am doing my best to chronicle my life as it unfolds ... one day at a time.
Today one of my photos was published in the paper. Last night I went to Late Night Downtown and Adelante Mujeres had set up their fruit and tamale stand to promote the upcoming Farmers Market in Forest Grove.
Earlier yesterday, I interviewed a couple who are members of the Sherlock Holmes Society. Very interesting. Everyone needs a hobby and they seem to spend a lot of time celebrating life and the good times. I like their perspective on life.
A good day all told. A little heavy on the gas, but only traveled 2 miles today. Must fill up the car soon and pay, pay, pay.
I have cleaned off the dining room table so my soul feels a little lighter. Of course, the craft table inherited the majority of the items, so ... .

My birthday
It was my birthday on April 27. I had a great day. I opened a beautiful present - glass antique button earrings. (A jewelry artist makes necklaces, earrings and rings from antique buttons.) They glitter and spin. I love them.
My friends took me out to lunch for Thai food. Yum! Panang curry.
I have the day alone today, with time to do things I want to do/choose to do.
Envy me!

Friends come back
Today I got a birthday card from a childhood friend. She has started to send one every year, and I look forward to them. They are always very "newsy." 
What she wrote inside the card was very poignant. She said, "I hope this is your best year yet." Then she added, that "It's hard to know. In looking back, maybe there is no 'best' year." She and I have a long way to look back.
She sent along several photos of our family that her mother had kept in an album. There was one of me biting my thumbnail. I wore a pair of rolled up bluejeans and a baggy shirt. My little sister was on one side of me, and my little brother on the other. It was 1961 and I thought I knew a whole lot.
One of the photos was of my father on his tractor. "He must have loved to drive that tractor," my friend wrote.
Dad used to get on the tractor after working an 8-hour day and he would cultivate and sweep over the fields to get them smooth and perfect. Another photograph showed my father standing holding the trunk of the car open. In back of him you could see our house through the orchard, so it must have been spring since there were not many leaves on the trees.
I wonder if my friend's mother enjoyed taking photographs and whether she had a crush on my father, who was tall, dark and handsome.
Seeing my friend's front yard in the photos makes me think of freeze tag and softball games and one time, when it was going to freeze, my friend's mother sprayed all the trees and shrubs with water the night before and they were beautiful the next day. Like an Ice Queen's wonderland.
Time to say goodnight.
One more day until my birthday. : )

I've been thinking a lot about friends today. My cold is better and the world is looking a little brighter, and I was considering the people around me who have made my every day more bearable.
There are the friends who knew us when: when we didn't sag, when we didn't drag. Back then we had enough youthful enthusiasm to last us late into the night.
They knew us when we had big dreams to become a person we hadn't yet met -- that person who might change the world with a book, a discovery, an invention.
Then we had friends who listened to us gripe about our husbands not helping with housework and gave us advice on what to do with a teething baby or a baby with diarrhea. Then we had friends who helped us through a divorce or the loss of a parent. All along the way most of those friends ebbed and flowed in our lives ... not because we pushed them out or they wanted to go, but it's just the way life is.
People move, people change. Some friends I have never seen again; we just got disconnected. But if we met tomorrow, there would be no meanness. We'd take up right where we left off, chattering away to catch up with each other's lives.
Other friends have gone off to do other things and then reappeared in our lives just as engaged as they were before.
Without friends, the world would be a lonely place.

Sick and not liking it
Yes, I have a bug. Haven't been on my journal for a few days. Got a cough, headache and not feeling well. Haven't missed work, since today was the day to do the paper.
I have finished some notes in my journal for April. Big day coming up on the 27th -- my birthday!
The lilacs are blooming now, even with gray, cool days here in the Northwest. Or maybe that's why they're blooming.


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